Ozone High Dose Therapy


200ml to 220ml of a patient’s blood is drawn under negative pressure into a vacuum bottle. The blood is then mixed under positive pressure with 200ml of ozone at a concentration of 70ug/ml, and then re-infused into the patient’s vein, also under positive pressure. This is repeated 10+ times. One 10 pass procedure can last between 1 to 2 hours. The total ozone dosage supplied is an astounding 10 x 70ug/ml x 200ml = 140,000ug(= mcg = micrograms) or 140mg, hence the name Ozone High Dose Therapy. During a 10 pass administration a total of 2,000ml of blood are drawn and enriched with up to 140,000ug of ozone.

In order to keep the blood from coagulating up to 20,000 units of heparin are used and before the treatments, patients are asked to drink at least 3 glasses (750ml or 25oz.) of water.

Treatment Regime

As prescribed by Dr Johann Lahodny MD who invented OHDT. In cancer and severe disease, OHDT is performed daily for up to a month. For lesser conditions, a standard procedure is one OHDT per week, for a total of ten weeks. After ten OHDT treatments, most diseases show huge improvements.

How it Works

Ozone is a highly active oxygen. A biological agent with health-promoting and healing properties. By combining with blood, it creates an oxygen-ozone mixture, which causes healing or significant improvement in almost all diseases. Everyone possesses a large amount of stem cells. These cells are undifferentiated cells that move to diseased organs to transform into organ-specialized cells and repair them. Ozone High Dose Therapy stimulates the production of stem cells and can repair the diseased organ in only a few days.

Conditions Treated